Thank you for visiting and taking a glimpse into my World.  It has been 10 years since I headed off on my back packing adventures. I was not sure whether I was ready for the World or the World was ready for me. I had planned my route and made the list of places I  aimed to visit.  I journalled my antics and experiences in an online blog and on my return and turned it in to books. For an easy read, a pick up, put down book and a laugh, why don't you turn left into Woody's World.  The Book offers a unique insight into Woody's  take on the World. 



New Zealand 

"Two words to describe it really. 'BLOODY HILARIOUS!!!' Seriously though, I have never read anything so funny in my entire life..."

"The first book will hook you... this second book will reel you into the wonderful and hilarious backpacking World of Woody!"

Woody is back with another fascinating glimpse into his World as he continues his global adventures" 

Safe Travels    John Wood (Woody)